Escape Game and Art Exhibition

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mines of Rammelsberg, the old town of Goslar and the Upper Harz Water Management System contain traces and monuments from 3,000 years of coal and steel mining, covering an area of more than 200 km². The World Heritage Site in the Harz Mountains is a cultural landscape formed by centuries of interaction between ore and man.

Already today, the Harz is amongst the forests in Germany most affected by climate change. It is therefore immensely important that young people concern themselves with the protection of their World Heritage Site and work to protect it in the future. Students from the UNESCO Associated Schools Adolf-Grimme-Gesamtschule Goslar and Tilmann-Riemenscheider-Gymnasium Osterode discovered the World Heritage Site in the Harz and the threats posed by climate change. To deepen their knowledge and make it accessible to others in an eventful way, they developed the idea of an Escape Game and an art exhibition.

Creatively combining knowledge and experience

A power fall at Rammelsberg! A school class is underground and can no longer leave the Rammelsberg. This is how the Escape Game begins. If the school class solves the riddles about mining heritage, ore mining and ore extraction and recognizes the importance of wood and a healthy forest, a solution word is revealed and they are free to leave the mine.

The massive dying of the forest is also the main motive for the visual artists in their works. One oil painting, for example, shows the legendary figures of the Harz Mountains standing accusingly in front of the dead forest. The artistic means of the young people are surprisingly diverse, involve the viewers in the works and encourage them to become creative. Through sculptures, drawings, paintings, and conceptual art, the young artists illustrate their very personal perspectives on the issue of climate change and World Heritage.

World Heritage sites are important for finding solutions to end climate change. Like, for example, the sustainable water management systems in the Harz World Heritage Site!

(Quote from a student)