Our World Heritage – Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge/Krušnohori

Interview with Marc Schwan, first chairman of the association Altbergbau "Markus-Röhling-Stolln" Frohnau e.V.


In order to sustainably preserve the Ore Mountains / Krušnohoří mining region as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for all of humanity and future generations, its importance must be conveyed to young people in particular. Together with the traditional associations and teachers from the mining region, the IHS has developed formats and methods with which young people are taught the international significance of their heritage and they are motivated and qualified to take responsibility for it.



This project is aimed at strengthening the local populations’ emotional connection to their shared mining heritage. Furthermore, it aims to anchor the protection of this heritage as a thematic focus in cross-border education. To help achieve these goals, a standardized educational concept will be developed and appropriate training opportunities implemented, especially for young people. The educational activities with and through the shared mining heritage should serve to strengthen cohesion in the region and promote sustainable regional development.

The Institute Heritage Studies is tasked with training members of the traditional and mining associations of the Ore Mountains in the promotion of intangible cultural heritage, thus helping to enhance the local value of their mining heritage.

Additionally, IHS is in charge of promoting the importance and meaning of the regional mining heritage to younger generations, developing further training courses for teachers for the mediation of this heritage, and implementing these processes of transmission.

Background and objectives of the project can be found in the project application for the Cooperation Program Free State of Saxony/Czech Republic from 18.01.2017. Download: Background and Objectives.



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A project of the Institute of Industrial Archaeology and History of Science and Technology (IWTG) at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in cooperation with the Förderverein Montanregion Erzgebirge e. V. (Friends and Supporters of the Erzgebirge Mining and Smelting Area) and the Institute Heritage Studies, as well as partners in the Czech Republic including UJEP University, the National Heritage Institute, and the Montanregion Krušné hory – Erzgebirge support association (Mining Region – Ore Mountains).

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Project Our World Heritage
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Prof. Dr. Marie-Theres Albert (albert@inaberlin.org)

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Claudia Grünberg (gruenberg@inaberlin.org)